[WES] Tournament of the Grail

Just wanted to remind you all that the next Tournament of the Grail will be held on Wednesday, January 7th, 2009(!) at 7:00pm at the Green Knight Academy campus, otherwise known as the home of Sir Bjorn and Mistress Hilarie in Chico (aka the Barony of Rivenoak).

Those who are planning to fight should arrive early enough to get armor on and get warmed up (it's been pretty cold here!), as we try to get invocation going as close to 7pm as possible. For those who might be coming from out of town, please email ahead about crash space possibilities. Directions follow this message, and/or you can head over to the Green Knight Academy website at: www dot GreenKnightAcademy dot net slash HowToGetHere dot html for a map-and-directions web page. The address is 2508 Tom Polk Avenue in Chico, 95973, on the northeast corner of East Avenue and Tom Polk Avenue.

Hope we see you all here!

Yours in Service,
Sir Bjorn

DIRECTIONS: From Hwy 99 in Chico, take the East Avenue exit and turn east (toward the movie theaters). **Your first opportunity to turn left will be Tom Polk Avenue; park and head over to the big house on the northeast corner of Tom Polk Avenue and East Avenue. Come on around to the backyard, we'll all be there anyway! From Hwy 5 in Orland, take Hwy 32 towards Chico. Once you get to town, turn left (east) at the signal light at East Avenue. Once you pass under Hwy 99, follow directions from ** above.