10th century Russian tabletweaving featured in "Archaeological Textiles Newsletter"

Ingvild of the Kingdom of Atlantia reports that the December 2008 issue of the Archaeological Textiles Newsletter includes an article by Kirill Mikhailov, "New Finds of Viking Age Textiles in Ukraine and Russia" which discusses the 10th-century, brocaded, tabletwoven bands.

The article is not available to view online, but information about the newsletter and subscriptions is available on the website.

The December 19, 2008 issue (#47) also includes:

  • Datation au 14C de neuf toiles brochées
    Roberta Cortopassi

  • Decorated loom weights in the collection of Classical Antiquities of Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest
    András Márton, Ruth Megaw and J. Vincent Megaw

  • Spindle whorls from 14th -18th century Turku, Finland
    Heidi Martiskainen

  • Textilarchäologie am Landesamt für Denkmalpflege in Esslingen/Baden-Württemberg
    Johanna Banck-Burgess