Grief in An Tir

It is with the very greatest sadness that we note the unexpected passing of David of Moffat. He died on Sunday, December 21, 2008 of complications of diabetes at the much-too-tender age of 45, and by his long-known request there will be no memorial service.

Teacher, friend, embroidery god, and Herald Extraordinaire, David had served the Society for the past 28 years in a variety of positions and was noted for his patience, kindness, and wit. His knowledge of heraldry was of the very highest order -- he was active in various heraldry societies in the Real World -- and his handwork was rated with the best in both artistry and technical achievement. In his service, his abilities, and his behavior, he was a true Peer of the Realm, and to say that he will be missed is to sadly understate the case. We grieve for his family and army of friends; likewise for all those who now will not be able to benefit from his enormous and generously-offered knowledge. Farewell and good journeys, David, and give our love to Ciaran.