[ATL] Highland Foorde Newcomer Orientation

On January 24, 2009 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., The Barony of Highland Foorde will conduct an orientation day for gentles new to the SCA or new to the Kingdom.

Walkersville Church of the Brethren
2 Chapel Ct.
Walkersville, MD.

Costs: no gate fee will be collected. The church that hosts us, however, collects breakfast cereals and such for the local food pantry, and we ask that each person in attendance bring such an item to aid them in that effort.

Feast: no such thing!! Potluck Lunch, though! Please contact Lady Margaret about that, and for help deciding what to bring. Everyone is asked to bring a dish to feed 8-10 people. (ladysayher@gmail.com)

Activities: A sale of garb items and SCA "gear" will take place during the event.

Classes will be offered!

  • Garb making, right from the beginning ? who you are, where you live, and when you lived! What would you have worn? How is that made?

  • Atlantian Anthropology. This is especially useful for "old hands" who are from other Kingdoms. An opportunity to figure out how things are done in this fine Kingdom so you can avoid the pitfalls of terminology with entirely different meanings!

  • Camping/Eventing. What do you Really need to bring? How do you make your camp look a little less modern? What really happens at those two-week "wars"?

  • What's a Chirurgeon? What's Waterbearing? And why does a new member care, anyway? Find out! Lord Od will make all clear!

  • Proper greetings, regalia, titles, all that fun stuff? yes, you, too, will understand who a "Highness" is!

  • Feasting with the Dukes of Burgundy will explain just how these things work, and what was eaten how!

For more information, contact Lady Gerita (geritadellamara@gmail.com).