[ATL] Atlantia Fighter Practice

With the great success we had last month (61 total people) we were looking for the next date and we have it! Next weekend December 27, 2008. Her highness and I will be hosting another big day of fighting, projects, food, etc. and would like to invite anyone interested in joining us at our home in Columbia, South Carolina.

Highlights are:

  • full day of fighting Saturday beginning around 1130
  • a lunch of some variety (more info to those that rsvp)

Saturday is also my birthday so why celebrate it at your place when you can do it here with me!!!!

Saturday night we will be ordering the ufc ppv and the card looks awesome (to be viewed on the new 50" wireless plasma!)

plus much much more!

Sunday we will be going shooting (so pack your guns) pistols and long guns.

To participate please send me an email letting me know that you would like to attend, how many are coming with you, and your arrival/departure times (crash space is available.

So, to recap, we have:
fighting, full shop for projects, food, drinks, darts, poker, mma fighting, guns ....... check!

spanking the birthday boy ....... umm .... nope!


Logan and Esa

ps please forward this to whatever lists/people you want.