[ART] Birthday Bash XXIII

Greetings to the Nobles throughout the great and mighty Gryphon Lands of Artemisia. The populace of the Shire of Silver Keep is eagerly anticipating the winter snows to give way to the warmer winds. As it is still a ways off till the warmer weather could be had, we've something else to throw off the doldrums of winter and we invite you to come celebrate our Shire's birthday at Birthday Bash XXIII.

For our fighters to have fun we will be holding the traditional Bearpit tournament. This will be held to decide both our tournament champion and Shire Heavy Champion. For the Duelists there will be a tournament as well.

Merchants please bring your wares and enjoy a profit. There will be no merchant fee, but we ask a donation be made to the Shire auction. To reserve space contact the Event Steward.

Speaking of auction action, we will be having our annual live goods auction, so please bring your coin pouches for the goodies that will be had.

The Feast will be limited to 60 spaces so please make your reservations early. M'Lady Megan will be preparing a splendid feast fit for the King and Queen themselves. Feast reservations need to be made by January 3rd at the latest. Please email the Event Steward with your reservations.

There are plans to have some classes for those who do not wish to watching the fighting and rather keep in doors. Along with the classes there will be a Heralds corner for those wish to consult for names and perhaps a device. For the details of the day for classes and other goings on please check at the gate the day of the event.

For this joyous celebration we will be hosting the event at the Lindley Center. The site is wet, so bring your finest period containers, please, if planning to imbibe.

Site Fee - $7 Children under 12 - $5 Under 6 - Guest of the Shire Feast Fee - $8 Children under 12 - $5 Under 6 - Guest of the Shire There is a Family Cap of $35 for the event. The $3 NMS applies if you do not have a membership card, online printout or Sage Advice to prove membership.

Directions to the Site:
Take the Main Street Exit #309 to Bozeman, when you get to the first light be in the left hand lane. Go thru the light, take the first left onto Cypress, look for the "Big Sky Motel" on your left when you do. Follow the road, the Lindley Center will be on your right.

For more information for the wonderful Birthday please contact:

Event Steward - Lady Sine Fergusson of Kintyre mferguson (at) bresnan (dot) net

Feast Steward - m'Lady Megan O'Neil surreal_butterfly (at) yahoo (dot) com