[MER] 12th Night in the Country

The Shire of Arenal Presents "12th Night in the Country" on January 10, 2009 at the American Legion Post 340, located at 8890 Ashland Ave, Pensacola, FL, 3234, just south of Hwy 90.

We will be presenting a traditional 12th Night that will be fun for the whole family! This is a one day event where the site opens at 8am and closes at 10 pm. There will be all types of archery, fighting (heavy weapons, Rapier, & Youth Combat), classes, a brewing and vintning competition, an open A&S competition (so show off your latest project from art to armor to woodworking, etc).

Join the fighters as they battle it out to become the Young Stag and win the right to challenge the Old Stag for the title of King Stag. This will be followed by the traditional Stag Hunt as two selected hunters follow they "pack of hunting dogs" after the Young and Old Stags in a Woods Hunt. Plus more fighting.

For something different, there will be a luncheon feast along with a bountiful buffet during the traditional Fool's Court and the evening's entertainment. Bards and dancing in the evening.

The event flyer is at:

Event prices are $10 for adults (13 and older), $5 for children 7 to 12, free for children 6 and under. Non-member add $3 per Society's non-member surcharge. Per Meridian Law, no family shall pay more than 3 adult member providing all all members.

Please remember that all children's waiver for children not your own must be notarized per Florida Law.