[AET] Ice Dragon 2009

As the end of October nears , we can feel the Ice Dragon's breath upon the lands of our beloved AEthelmearc. With each rush of it mighty wings we can feel the great winds. Soon our lands will be covered with the ice and snow that The Ice Dragon brings with it. Aye, winter can be beautiful, but the hope of Spring is always on the edge of our thoughts. After a winter of indoor events, fighting and fencing indoors, and all that comes with those long winter months we will all be looking forword to Spring and the passing of the Ice Dragon from our lands.

We will celebrate that day with the Annual Festival of the Passing of the Ice Dragon on Saturday March 28, 2009 in a brand new venue; The WNY event Center. Why is this so exciting? First of all, Ice Dragon will be under one roof and secondly there will be ample parking spaces very close to the massive building. Thirdly, and maybe most importantly, it is symbolic of Ice Dragon's rebirth. We are taking the best of all the Ice Dragons that came before and adding some new twists, activities and new looks. Let this be a celebration of all the great things Aethelmearc has to show and share it with our cousins from nearby Kingdoms.

The Pageantry, pomp and circumstance that have always made Ice Dragon the jewels of the Kingdom shall be welcomed, cultivated and encouraged. May the halls be filled with banners, sheet walls, and decorations reflecting the many lands and people of the Known World. Let the songs and stories of bards fill the air. Let there be laughter, joy and good conversation between good friends and comrades. Bring your picnic baskets, toast with your drinks and celebrate spring and all it has to offer we happy SCA-dians. The Passing of the Ice Dragon is that time to rejoice, fondly remember the joys from winter when cousin did not see cousin due to harsh elements that impeded travel. Let this festival be a time of joy to celebrate the camping events, and great field battles to come.

Ice Dragon will host the one of the greatest displays of A&S in the known world in the famous "Pent". Rattan, fencing and thrown weapons will be part of Ice Dragon. Plans are in the works to add a twist or two to make this year even more exciting. Just a hint, we suggest that the heavy weapons and fencers pass the word to members from other Kingdoms and make some challenges. There could be some Kingdom pride on the line.

We encourage entertainment, music and dance and will make sure that the great gathering areas will have access and accommodate these pursuits. So far we have the "Open Horn Bardic Stage" already planned. Just check that link for details. A Post court Dance Party is in the plans, and there will be games for children and adults. More fun to come so keep checking back.

The Ice Dragon Food Tavern will be open for business as always. We have also listed nearby restaurants and grocery stores. Just check the site map buttons in the left hand column. We encourage people to bring food and stay and feast outboard style.