[NOR] Border Downs Yuletide Revel

The people of Border Downs would like to invite you to come and celebrate with us this coming Saturday, December 6th for our annual Yuletide shindig.

We've got some really neat stuff planned, including:

  • A wicked awesome feast done by Lord Ajax Theron Marius. The theme is Feast of the Ages: Bound by Cheese. There will also be a day-board.
  • A Walking A&S competition! Walking A&S is a great way to show off the wearable items you've worked so hard on without having to take them off. If you spend hours of your life working on a blackwork linen shifts or leather shoes or a hand-sewn surcoats, consider wearing them to the event and showing them off the way they were meant to be shown off! Wear your best and
  • For those who work on non-wearable items, there will also be a traditional A&S display set up.
  • If weather permits, there will be fighting.
  • There will be bardic activities, games and possibly some classes if people are interested.
  • Did I mention the feast? Seriously folks, BOUND BY CHEESE. I might be so bold as to say that I might think that this feast could be better than a feast that's bound by bacon... and that's sayin' an awful lot.

The site is mundanely located in Sioux Falls, SD, just a short jaunt off I-90 and I-29.

The address is:
Misty Glenn community center
5505 West Misty Glenn Place
Sioux Falls SD 57101

Site opens at 10am and closes at 10pm.

Event Steward: Lady Hrodwyn gwernathan@gmail.com.
Feast Steward: Lord Ajax Theron Marius lordajaxtheron@gmail.com

$5 site fee for 16 years and over
$3 non-member charge
$8 feast

There is crashspace available. Please contact me at zarhooie@gmail.com if you think you'll need it. There are also several hotels within a 10 minute drive of the site. Location:
Border Downs (Sioux Falls, South Dakota)