[OUT] 12th Night: The Reconquista

Leave behind the cold winter of the Outlands and for one evening come to the sunny climate of Spain to celebrate with the Barony of Caerthe the Twelfth Night tradition.

At the end of the 15th century, Spain sat on the brink of her most wondrous chapter in history, the Siglo de Oro, or Golden Age. The year 1492 was perhaps the most decisive in the history of Spain. King Ferdinand of Aragon and Queen Isabella of Castile had realized their goal of reuniting Spain with their triumphant entry into Granada. Of course, this was also the year that Christopher Columbus, sailing under a Spanish flag, left for the Americas.

Caerthe invites one and all to come and experience an evening of chivalry and pageantry as we recreate the court of King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella during the reunification of Spain in 1492.

Come and enjoy a fun and formal afternoon where all can proudly display their best and present their finest courtly grace.

Site opens at 10AM and closes at 10PM
Hosted by: The Barony of Caerthe

Location: Adams County Fairgrounds
The Waymire Building (the dome)
9755 Henderson Road
Brighton, CO 80601


Autocrat: Lord Reynhard von Reutte
rlmichel2 (at) yahoo.com

Co-Autocrat: Lord Johannes Rodenweiper
Kitchen Steward: Baron Maestro Caballero Don Domingo
Mastadon1 (at) gmail.com

Assistant Kitchen Steward: Lord Loghlan de Hay

Site Fee:
Adults: Site Fee: $10 / Feast Fee: $15
Children: (ages 6-12): Site Fee: $4 / Feast Fee: $4
Children under 6 are free of charge
$3 non-member surcharge applies
Please make checks payable to: “SCA Inc. – Caerthe”

Please plan to pre-register for feast, as there will be a limited number of feast reservations available.

Site status: Dry

Contests will be held to find the most chivalrous gentleman of the event and the most graceful lady; by their acts and practice of courtly grace throughout the event. Also, a contest of Spanish history, to see who can learn the most about Spain in the Middle Ages (never fear, hints will be available during the event). And games will abound! Those wishing a peaceful moment may partake in a quiet game of Chess, Backgammon, Alquerque and other board games; and those who wish a livelier entertainment will have the opportunity to bottle joust, dance, and test their knowledge of heraldry in our game of Heraldic Twister. This and much more that should not be missed.

Also, plan on presenting your finest pageantry! There will be a special prize awarded for the person(s) displaying the finest pageantry that day!

Of course, it would not be Twelfth Night without merchants and socializing and merriment.

And finally, finish your afternoon with a magnificent feast that is coordinated by Maestro Domingo and his staff; who will demonstrate that recipes can be both period and delicious. Then sit back and enjoy the pageantry and ceremony that is planned for evening Court.

Do not miss the grandeur of Twelfth Night and the other surprises that are in store for those who attend.

Tentative Schedule:
10AM Site opens
11 AM Opening Court (at the Crown discretion)
12PM Afternoon Activities
4PM Feast Begins
6PM Evening Court (at the Crown discretion)
10PM Site Closes

Circles for the Order of the Laurel and the Order of the Pelican are tentatively scheduled to be held during the event, with a Chivalry circle being held the following day at the War practice -- see below for further information. (I will announce times for the start of circles once this has been formally determined.)

The Adams County Regional Park is located one mile west of US 85 on 124th Ave. (124th turns into Henderson Road when it crosses the South Platte River).

From Denver and the South: Take I-25 North to I-76. Take I-76 to US 85 and take US 85 north to 124th. Turn west on 124th and go one mile to the entrance of the Fairgrounds on the Right.

From the West: Take I-25 to 120th. Proceed East on 120thuntil you reach Riverdale Road. Turn Left and go North on Riverdale Road until you reach Henderson Road. Turn Right and proceed East until you reach the entrance to the Fairgrounds on the Left.

From the North: Take I-25 South to Highway 7, take Highway 7 east to US 85 in Brighton. Take US 85 South to 124th. Turn west on 124th and go one mile to the entrance of the Fairgrounds on the Right. Location:
Barony of Caerthe (Brighton, Colorado)