AEthelmearc Welcomes New Heirs

Sir Maynard was victorious in the Saturday October 11, 2003 AEthelmearc Crown Tournament. Sir Maynard von dem Steine from the Barony of the Rhydderich Hael, fighting for Christina DeLa Rosa, was victorious in last weekend's AEthelmearc Crown Tourney. Sir Maynard defeated Sir Michael of Northwood from the Barony of Thescorre in the finals.

Congratulations to Their Sylvan Highnesses.

Corrections and proofreading

> Sorry to be a nitpicker, but shouldn't we get this information right?

Indeed, we should, and we make every reasonable effort to do so. The submissions we receive are often sent by people we do not know, or we glean them from mailing lists and ask permission to republish (or perhaps to paraphrase in our own words). If we don't happen to live near the source of the news, we may not have access to information that is any more accurate than what's posted to a list. We try to verify essential facts, but it isn't always possible to check minor details such as spelling of complicated SCA names, especially since many people don't have time to respond to our emails asking for information. At some point, when our editors have made a reasonable effort to ensure correctness, we have to assume that we've got all the information that we're going to get, and we publish.

Occasionally, a mistake slips through, as it might in any publication. Yesterday, I sent in a note to the NY Times -- the Grey Lady herself -- suggesting a correction. At, we are very glad to receive these corrections because it helps us to improve our quality of reporting. Please do understand, though, that mistakes don't happen because we don't care. They happen because sometimes the very best that we can do with a part-time, all-volunteer staff, falls short of perfection.

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Just so everyone knows...

"Sir Maynard" is Sir Maynard von dem Steine, of the Barony of the Rhydderich Hael; "Sir Michael" is Sir Michael of Northwood, of the Barony of Thescorre.

Re: Just so everyone knows...

Thank you. I've posted the additional information.


Re: Just so everyone knows...

There are a few typos in the extra information you posted.

1) There is a space between "Maynard" and "von" in Sir Maynard's name. 2) Sir Maynard is from the "Barony of the Rhydderich Hael." The word "Hael" was omitted.

Sorry to be a nitpicker, but shouldn't we get this information right?

-THLord Cadell Blaidd du Jewel of AEthelmearc Herald, Kingdom of AEthelmearc

Re: Just so everyone knows...

Thank you, Lord Cadell. The corrections have been made.

What would help the editors here at is if those of you in the various kingdoms would send us news. At the moment, only a handful of editors have the task of digging through a staggering number of email lists, websites and other sources looking for news and information. Sometimes that information is sketchy at best. If those of you who read and enjoy this website could send us Crown Tourney results, news of elevations etc., it would definitely make life easier. Remember, we're all volunteers here.

Thanks again!

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