Traditional & Folk Music Hour features SCAdian musicians

Melandra of the Woods (Melinda Lafevers), Producer and Host of the Traditional and Folk Music Hour reports that the latest program features SCA-connected musicians and groups. The program aired November 29, 2008, but is available online by clicking on "original article" below.

Melandra writes:

Greetings, all, from the Traditional & Folk Music Hour ...

This weeks radio show, airing November 29, will have the following SCA connected musicians & groups on it...(please forgive the mispellings)

Liondragon consort, Wolgemut, Istanpitta, Jubilatories, Bedlam Bards, Melandra, Sir Kenneth (Ken Theriot), Adelaid Beumount (Lisa Theriot) Lyonsong, Wild Oats, & Marion of Heatherdale (Heather Dale)

The following week is tentatively scheduled to have Liondragon Consort; Hurly Burly; Wolgemut; Jubilatories; & Heather Dale;

The show airs just after the noon newsbreak on Saturdays, Central time. That would be 10:00 am on the west coast, and, I think, 1:00 on the east coast.

It is available on line at / / and follow the links for the radio station/streaming audio.

If you know any of the above listed people, please send them the message!

Thank you,

Melinda Lafevers; Producer & Host
The Tradional & Folk Music hour
aka Melandra of the Woods