Arturius - A Quest For Camelot

The mystery is solved, believes D. F. Carroll, who after 6 years of research gives a name to the actual historical King Arthur. 'The Quest for Camelot' presents evidence based on information from the 6th and 7th centuries which had been heretofore overlooked by other scholars. Basing his research on the name Arthur being derived from the Celtic for Artu or Artos, D. F. Carroll has found records naming one Artur or Arturius, the son of Aidan, who lived during the 6th Century, and Carroll believes that this is the true King Arthur.

His research can be downloaded free of charge for those interested.

ellen cameron

Having trudged through Mr. Carroll's treatise, "Arturius -- A Quest for Camelot," I have this to say: it is a good thing that Mr. Carroll published his work privately, as it absolves him of the necessity of listening to editors, who tend to become upset with writing errors. Mr. Carroll's thesis is that there was, in fact, a historical Arthur/Artur/Arturius; that he was the oldest son of Aidan MacGabran, the king of Manann, a vest-pocket kingdom on the River Forth, and that he lived and died during the last half of the 6th century. Unfortunately, Mr. Carroll's writing style seems composed of babble and rant -- disorganized, disconnected, endlessly repetetive, and liberally strewn with errors in grammar, spelling, punctuation, sentence structure, paragraph structure, and vocabulary. The faults are so great and so frequent that they very nearly camouflage his argument. Furthermore, in the body of his text he makes no specific citations to his references, nor does he back up any of his flat statements with material from other works. His list of "references" consists of half a dozen book (or article) titles and their authors: no publisher, no date. He *may* have a good argument going here for his identification of a historical Arthur, but regrettably he has presented it in some of the worst writing I have ever seen inflicted on a page. I have seen much better stuff from junior high students.

Re: ellen cameron

Thanks for such a detailed commentary! :-)