[DRA] Dyeing Workshop

On the weekend of February 6-8, the Barony of Knight's Crossing shall be presenting a dyeing workshop, to be taught by the lovely Mistress Anya. Bring undyed thread (wool or silk).

Food: Dinner on Friday evening, breakfast on Saturday and Sunday morning, and lunch on Saturday shall be provided. We shall be doing take-out for dinner.

Event and Reservations Steward: Judith de Northumbria judithsca@aol.com

Cost for event: 15 Euros (covers cost of food and travel costs of the instructor) Cost for materials: approx. 10 Euros (dye stuffs, mordants, etc.)

Site: 13 Blumenstrasse, 69488 Birkenau (Niederliedersbach), Germany

Site opens 18:30 Friday evening.
Saturday morning: Workshop shall recommence at 10:30

Crash space: on site, bring own bedding; dogs are welcome, but will have to be walked.

NOTE: The workshop will actually commence on Friday night, to mordant the thread.

Reservations: To guarantee food and materials for the workshop, you must pre-pay - we will not purchase materials and food for people who have not done so (we have lost too much money in the past on people who reserved, never paid and never canceled). Location:
Barony of Knight's Crossing (Roedermark, Germany)