Baroness TSivia placed on vigil for Pelican

Their Majesties Etain au Naval and Valfreya Greenspeare recently called Baroness TSivia bas Tamara v'Amberview, O.L., veteran Chirurgeon and Bard, into Their court to be placed on vigil for the Order of the Pelican.

Baroness TSivia's long years of service are known to many in the Bardic community and the Chirurgeonate, and she is credited with helping Ealdormere to grow and prosper since its inception. She is also a former citizen of Atenveldt and the Midrealm. She was a Protegé to Master Cerdic O'Cuileamhain, O.P. TSivia is a Mentor Chirurgeon and formerly served as the Kingdom Chirurgeon of Ealdormere. Among her more whimsical titles are "Protrectrerss of Ompah and Plevna by Baronial Decree", "Grand Puntiff of Ealdormere", and "W.O.A.W. (Whimsical Order of the Ailing Wit)" in An tir.

The call into court was a surprise to TSivia, who recounts in her own words thusly:

I was thinking that no one would miss me if I slipped back to my Baronial Support Tithe table in the OTHER hall (a fund-raising penny raffle for my Barony, Skraeling Althing) to nab a lonely apple which was sitting there (I was *HUNGRY*). Their Majesties called up Dame Enid Aurelia of the Tin Isles, O.L., O.P. (Skraeling's Founding Baroness) and ...I forget the term they used...something like "the Pelicans of the North and their friends". There I am chatting quietly with Baron Konrad Mattias Jaeger, (KSCA, O.P.), while Mistress Adrielle Kerrec (O.P.) is horsing around with us. And I'm obsessing about that lonely apple.

Enid stands up and starts to tell about how long she's been in the SCA, how she went overseas and, returning, wondered if there was any "civilization" in the North other than the one tiny group (Eoforwic) she had heard rumours of. And then she said that she received a message and YES, there was civilization in the north-eastern wilds of the (then) Midrealm.

Suddenly my brain starts to ignore the apple, starts to hear what Enid is saying... She talked about the vision of the one who brought Civilization to the North, and then I realize that standing by her side are the Pelicans of Skraeling Althing and friends: Enid and her husband Baron Henry of Linlithgow; Viscount Sir Menken and Mistress Eleanor; Viscountess Aelflaeda; Duke Sir Finnvarr and Mistress Ragni; Master James; Countess Susanna; I'm sure there were others, but I can't remember.

And she says something about the vision of the one who brought civilization to the North. The penny drops. HARD.

Apparently I gasped "Oh S*IT!" as my face fell into my hands and I started to sob uncontrollably. (And darned if Konrad and Adrielle aren't grinning like cheshire cats at THAT!!!) And TRMs then had the herald call my name.

There was I think, a couple of heartbeats of silence followed by thunderous applause and cheering. (Or that's what they told me: I can't even remember what man lead me up to the Dias. Someone started, and I believe Master James took me the rest of the way. I THINK.) All I knew was that I was shaking uncontrollably, and crying. A lot. (But those who know me know that I don't just cry at the drop of a hat: I cry at the drop of ANYONE'S HAT!)

By then all the Pelicans in attendance were there, including (by fluke apparently!!) Baron Conrad, Mistress Hawise, and Mistress Freya from Dragon Dormant in the East!!!! (They swear they didn't know!) I didn't stop blubbering for, oh, a half hour.

The fact that my sister Lady Carolyn and her husband Lord Francois, were there, was utter icing on the cake.

The Vigil and Elevation are scheduled for 7 March, 2009 at Winter War in the shire of Trinovantia Nova (St.Thomas, Ontario). There will also be a Vigil party at Estrella War, probably 13 (Friday) Feb. More information will be following. ALL are invited to come and offer words of wisdom to TSivia, or just come and help her celebrate her impending Elevation. The "original article" link below goes to a web page on the Ealdormere kingdom site that has further information.