[ATE] Tavern Tourney

Join your brothers (and sisters) in arms at the Tavern Aurelius for a day of food, drink, contest, and celebration. Yes it is time for Tavern Tourney. Huzzah!!

In Ascalon on Christmas Eve in the year 1169, the Christian army has just returned from their second defeat in Egypt. The Hospitallers were part of that army and, of course do not really have the Christmas spirit. Michaelis Aurelius, a trader that often does business with the Hospitallers, has put together a Christmas Eve party to cheer his friends. Wanting to include all of his friends, Michaelis and his lovely wife Kateryn, also invited the Templars who refused to go with the army to Egypt and are often rivals with the Hospitallers. While discussing the party, with the Grand Masters of each order, an argument arose as to which was more in the Christmas spirit, the Reindeer of the Germans or the Gnomes of the French. Come join Michaelis party and support your order by showing your spirit. Are you a Templar displaying your Antlers or are you Hospitaller showing your pointed ears or gnomish garb. Come let us eat, drink, and be merry together regardless.

When: Saturday, December 6th, from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Where: Tumbleweed Park in Chandler. Southwest corner of McQueen and Germann.

Fees: $6.00 adult members, $9.00 adult non-members, $4.00 for youth 5-17.

There will be Heavy Weapons, Rapier, and youth tournaments. There will also be a wonderful culinary bake off. Bring your favorite recipe. Of course there will be all the other wonderful diversions associated with Tavern Tourney such as rolling the overindulgent adults (drunks), and the barmaids race. There will be many wonderful prizes. (We are seeking donations for prizes)

Also we will have the Baronial Bard competition. This year it will be IRON BARD!

IRON BARD is a test of adaptability, flexibility, accountability, and many other things ending in "bility". At the beginning of the event, the contestants shall be given the SECRET INGREDIENT for their bardic pieces.... this may be a word, concept, prop, or just something that happens to be in the Baronial Bard's pocket at the time. The certain thing is, all contestants will use the same SECRET INGREDIENT, which must in turn be used or incorporated in some way into the competition piece. This piece can be spoken, sung, played, or even mimed for all it matters, but somehow and someway.... the SECRET INGREDIENT must be there.


Don't forget to wear your best ears or antlers as the case may be (there may even be a prize for that). And, come sweet Gentles, join the Barony of Twinmoons at Tavern Tourney!

For any questions or other needs contact the Autocrats:
Kateryn Uxor Michaelis - haynes123105@yahoo.com
Michaelis Aurelius - THLMichaelisaurelius@yahoo.com

Site: Tumbleweed Park, 750 E. Germann, Chandler, AZ 85286

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Barony of Twin Moons (Chandler, Arizona)