An Tir 12th Night to Feature Arts of War

The Arts and Sciences Room of An Tir's 12th celebration will feature an Arts of War and Warriors display. Senyora Ines de Santangel writes:

Why is this weird Artsy person trying to find Warriors? Well, I will tell you. I need armor...Not just any armor. Nice armor and weapons, too. Look around your fighting practices. Is there a set of armor that someone you know made and it looks awesome? Maybe you have made some swords or knives or a shield that you would like to show off to the Kingdom?

The Arts and Sciences Room will have a place to show off the Arts of War and Warriors! This area will have armor, weapons, bows, arrows, rapiers and equestrian items; all the tools used by Medieval Warriors. If you have items that you would like to display, let me know.

And for the rest of you Artisans:-)

Have you worked all year on a project that you would like to show off? Are you impressing your cats with your storytelling and would really like a real audience? Do you have a skill that you would like others to know about? Maybe you have a spiffy piece of art or science that you think would impress the pants off folks if only you knew where to show it... Well, here is your chance...The 12th Night Arts and Sciences Room!!!!

Come and bring your skills and your projects to 12th night. There will be displays, Bardic performances and an area to socialize while you work on your new projects. For those wishing to display items or do A&S demonstrations, please contact me, Senyora In