Archery at Estrella XX

Archers of the Known World are preparing to bring their bows to Estrella XX. Lady Muirenn ingen Thigernain writes:

To the Archers of the Known World!

Prepare for War! Archery at Estrella War XX looks to be very fun and challenging.

Along with the war point there will be opportunities to win various prizes and bragging rights. Prize shoots will be held Sunday. If you are interested in organizing and sponsoring a prize shoot stand up and be counted for this year there will be prizes awarded to the gentles running the prize shoots in the following categories:

* Prize shoot with best attendance
* Most imaginative prize shoot
* Most period prize shoot

Each prize shoot will be allotted a one-hour time block. For more information or to sign up for a time slot please contact Lady Muirenn ingen Thigernain at Time slots will be assigned on a first-come first-choice basis.