[GLE] XXX Christmas Revel

Axemoor's Thirtieth Year Christmas revel is December 12-14 at the Henry S Jacobs Campsite in Utica MS. This is the final event that will be held at the Utica site, as well as Their Excellencies Ifor and Morganna's last Christmas revel as Baron and Baroness of Axemoor.

This is an event for remembering the past and celebrating the future.

We will be hosting Gleann Abhann's First Tournament of Champions

  • a Chivalric Newbie list (for anyone fighting less than 18 months)
  • a Rapier Newbie list (for anyone fighting less than 18 months)
  • The traditional Toys for Tots Chivalric Tourney
  • Toys for Tots Rapier Tourney
  • Youth Rapier Tourney
  • Youth Chivalric Tourney
  • Regional A&S competition
  • Classes
  • The Vigil and Elevation of HE Roz
  • Father Christmas for the kiddos
  • an awesome feast
  • fun evening entertainment
  • The Parade of Prizes
  • Bells and Pillows tournament
  • fundraiser lunch

and all the fun you can ask for!

I will have the finalized schedule up by the end of next week...at that point it is too late to add anything to the schedule OR move things around. We have a jam-packed weekend planned for you, so scheduling is tight!


Charles Pierre de Bourbon
Autocrat XXX Christmas Revel Location:
Barony of Axemoor (Utica, Mississippi)