SCA Enhances Online Membership System

Patrick Anderson, President of the SCA, Inc., has announced that the SCA's online membership system will soon allow members to sign their waiver forms electronically.

Mr. Anderson writes:

Now it is even easier to renew your membership online!

The SCA Inc. and the Board of Directors is pleased to announce a new service available to new and renewing members. Next time, when you renew your membership online you can also sign your waiver online. This means it is no longer necessary to fax or send in a signed waiver, and no white card until your blue card arrives! This service will become available during this upcoming weekend of November 15, 2008.

As in the past you can still print a proof of membership from the website.

Please take a moment and take a look at our new website and online services!

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Patrick Anderson
Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc.

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Kudos to Robin Gallowglass

Robin Gallowglass, a deputy to the Interim Chief Technology Officer, was the original creator of the SCA online membership system and the primary programmer for the new online waiver system. We all owe Robin thanks for this great new feature.