[DRA] ID Protectors & University

With the growing population of the Crown Principality it has come to the attention of the Viceroy and Vicereine that Protectors are needed in four arts. With Their blessing the Shire of Flintheath is hosting 2009s ID Protectors and the 1st ID UNIVERSITY!!!!

Come enjoy and take part in this historical event! Whether your art is in woodworking, period cloth making, brewing or in the arts marshal; this University will have something for you. Show off your skills in the competitions to become the next ID champions if it be the archery, rapier, arts and science champion, or heavy Protector of ID. Is IDs next champion you? The Protectors of these orders must be willing to uphold and fulfill the responsibilities of their titles.

Site: Whitwell Hall, Raepham, Norwich, Suffolk, NR10 4RE. The site is discreetly wet.

How to get there:
Road Info: Make your best way to the A11 toward Norwich. Take the A1065 toward Swaffham. Turn right onto A47. Turn left onto Drayton Hall Lane(B1146) toward Dereham. Take B1146 to Quebec Rd.(B1110) on the right. Turn left onto Theater St.(B1147) Travel straight for 5.7 miles then turn right onto Fakenham Rd. (A1067). Turn left onto Norwich Rd.(B1145) continue straight on Reepham Rd.(B1145). Turn right into Whitwell Hall which sits back off the road.

Train Station Info: Norwich Rail station is located in central Norwich just 16 miles from site. 'one' operate Intercity trains to Norwich from London's Liverpool St Station, every 30 minutes during the day. The journey time is approximately 1 hour 50 minutes. A direct service also links Cambridge to Norwich, with an approximate journey time of 1hr 10mins. Central Trains offer connecting services from the Midlands, north of England and Scotland via Peterborough.

Bus Station Info: Norwich's new state-of-the-art Bus Station located in the city centre at Surrey Street is just 14.5 miles from site. National Express coaches travel to Norwich from London and other major cities several times daily. The London to Norwich journey time is around 3 hours. National Express Airport links the main London airports to Norwich with a regular direct service - up to 10 times a day from Stansted, Heathrow and Gatwick airports. For fares and times, tel: 08705808080 www.nationalexpress.com.

Airport Info: Norwich is home to a major regional airport, Norwich International, which is just 11.5 miles from site. Domestic services provide a link to Norwich from Aberdeen, Bristol, Edinburgh, Exeter, Glasgow, Guernsey, and Jersey while scheduled flights to Amsterdam, Manchester and Paris connect Norwich to around 650 worldwide destinations. Airlines serving Norwich include Flybe, Eastern Airways, KLM, and Air Southwest with direct international flights from Alicante, Dublin, Bordeaux, Chambery, Faro, Geneva, Malaga, and Murcia. Norwich International Airport: Tel. 01603411923 or visit www.norwichinternational.com London Stansted Airport is just 85 miles away, with many direct international and domestic routes. Tel. 08700000303 or visit www.stanstedairport.com

Ferry Info: Harwich car and passenger ferry port is about 88 miles from site. Services are operated daily between the Hook of Holland and Harwich - the journey time is approximately 3 hours and 30 minutes. There are also routes to Cuxhaven (17 hours and 45 minutes) and Esbjerg (22 hours). Contact: Stena Line: 08705707070 www.stenaline.co.uk or DFDS Seaways: 08705333000 www.dfdsseaways.co.uk

Accommodation and food: Sleeping accommodations include 48 bunks and additional crash space. Unlimited tenting is also available. There is unlimited room for tenting. Beds will be available on a first paid first serve basis. There are sleeping bags and duvets that can be provided for a charge of £3. A simple travelers fare will be available on Friday evening. Saturday breakfast and lunch will be available and included in the site fees Animals are not allowed on site.

Accomodation near Whitwell Hall

The village of Reepham is approximately a mile walk from the site and has access to petrol, pubs, and other food outlets. There are a number of Hotels and B&B's near site.

Event Cost:
Event Fee w/ Bunk: £20
Event Fee for Tenting: £15
Daytrip Fee: £11
Children under 6 without Bed: Free

All Meals: £8
Feast Only (cap is 63): £5
Member Discount: £3
If paying by cheque, make either Sterling checks or US dollar checks payable to: SCA/Shire of Flintheath and send to the Reservation Steward. Reservations must include mundane name, SCA name, address, phone number, e-mail, shire/canton. There will be people able to collect travellers from the train station, bus station, and the airport at no charge to the traveller. ARRANGEMENTS MUST BE MADE BY MARCH 1st.

Event Staff
Event Steward & Reservations:
Ursula Sturlasdatter
clancyanddeb.fairchild "at" ntlworld.com

Food Coordinator:
Solange de la Fortresse
sarahshuss "at" yahoo.com

University Coordinator:
Jahanara Vivana
jahanara "at" thepurplelotus.org

Armoured Combat Protector:
Pól ó Brian
exchequer "at" insulaedraconis.org

Rapier Protector:
Etienne Fevre de Dion
etiennesca "at" gmail.com

Archery Protector:
Maredudd ap Gwylim
maredudd1066 "at" yahoo.co.uk

A&S Protector:
Maredudd ap Gwylim
maredudd1066 "at" yahoo.co.uk

http://www.flintheath.com/protect.html Location:
Shire of Flintheath (Suffolk, England)