Kingdom Crusades to Feature Chirurgeon Activities

Lady Clelia of the Mists has announced that Kingdom Crusades, which will take place October 10-12, 2003 in Darlington, MD (co-sponsored by the East Kingdom and Atlantia), will offer classes and a book display for Chirurgeons. Lady Clelia writes:

Greetings Good Gentles, from Lady Clelia of the Mists! I have exciting news. Along with the all the hard work and fun we are planning for Kingdom Crusades, we have Chirurgeon-type activities, too!

Book display
Chirurgeon tent
Approximately 11:00am - 4:30pm

Bring your favorite chirurgeon books to display! Books on all aspects of our craft, from period leechcraft, medical history books, midwifery, medical encyclopedias, modern treatment books, camping and safety books, SCA publications you find helpful.... Come by and pick up the book list and check out the books!

a. Medicine, A treasury of Art and Literature.
b. The Healing Hand, man and wound in the ancient world
c. Leechcraft
d. History of Medicine
e. EMS Field guide
f. Known World Chirurgeon Handbook
g. Camping and wilderness survival
h. Reading weather
i. Medicinal Herbal, an encyclopedia of healing herbs
j. Print out- Galens first aid kit ideas

Battlefield Conduct- Functioning as part of the battlefield team
Chirurgeon tent 11:30am

Discussion for all chirurgeons, plus marshals, water bearers, heralds, newbies, apprentices and even fighters. Areas/topics include:

a. Fighters Bill of Rights
b. Rules of the list
c. Who are they?- identifying important people, like CIC, MOL, MIC, WIC, Royals and the like
d. When to enter the field
e. How to register a complaint
f. Keeping track of patients armor
g. Policies to know- water bearing, apprenticing, CICing and the like
h. Open stories, examples, and discussion through out

Squirrel Avoidance (working title)- Keeping rabies out of the chirurgeonate
Chirurgeon tent 3:00pm

A discussion for all. Practicing chirurgeons, retired chirurgeons, Marshals, apprentices, mentoring masters & journeyman, even KC's and their officers. Areas/topics include:

a. How you sound- the effect your voice & vocabulary choices have.
b. How you look- Panic can be contagious. Maintaining the appearance of composure when it hits the fan!
c. Say What?- Instilling confidence vs. Fear, political correctness, confidentiality, conveying policies politely and positively, and gentle responses to meanies.
d. Building trust
e. When and how to leave
f. Mentoring a squirrel
g. Open stories, examples, and discussion through out

If you have content for the discussions, books to add to the list, questions comments or problems- feel free to call or email the Chirurgeon in Charge of Kingdom Crusades:

Lady Clelia of the Mists, MC

Wish I could be there!

Sounds like a nice lineup of classes. Lady Clelia is a Red Cross Instructor-Trainer in the modern world, and has brought her skill in arranging training into the SCA as well.

Kingdom Crusades website

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