[LOC] Feast of the Butterflies

All are cordially invited by Tosti Bell to The Feast of the Butterflies and Field of Gold Tourney.

This event has been sanctioned by Mistress Kiriel herself.

Friday evening 21st Nov, for the Feast of the Caterpillars
22nd for Feast of the Butterflies and 23rd November.
A Tourney on a Golden Field will also be held.

Crossroads Medieval Village Co-op site

$55 including Friday night
$50 Saturday and Sunday
$25 for 1 day
Camping available.

Come for the Caterpillar feast, roll up into your cocoon and emerge for the Butterfly feast.

Bookings: Baron Bastian der Grosser: Location:
Shire of Torlyon (Yass, New South Wales)