[DRA] Medieval Herb Workshop and Yuletide Revel

The Baron of Knight's Crossing, vassal of the mighty throne of Drachenwald, is has invited one of the finest herbalists and apothecaries in the land to provide instruction in the types and use of medicinal herbs.

Following the hours of learning, there shall be a revel to celebrate the yuletide, with feasting, dancing and sundry games - even if you have no interest in herbs, come and celebrate! On the morrow following the revel, there shall be a breaking of the fast, followed by training in the combative arts, both of war and of defense.

Food: Dinner on Friday evening, breakfast on Saturday and Sunday morning, and lunch of Saturday shall be provided. Feast for the Revel shall be potluck - bring a medieval(oid) dish to share!

Event and Reservations Steward: Judith de Northumbria judithsca@aol.com

Cost: Cost shall be 15 EUR for the weekend (which covers travel costs of the instructor and food)

Site: Residenz Wuestenburg, Zum Steckengarten 21, 63322 Roedermark, Germany
Site opens 18:30 Friday evening.

Crash space: on site, bring own bedding; dogs are welcome, but will have to be walked.

NOTE: The workshop will actually commence on Friday night Location:
Barony of Knight's Crossing (Roedermark, Germany)