Archery gear stolen in West Kingdom

Iosef Braun reports that archery gear owned by William of Teufelberg was stolen from his vehicle in Concord, California October 26, 2008. He asks that the SCA community be on the lookout for the equipment.

Lord Iosef writes:

My friend, William of Teufelberg (Chuck Treen) had a bow, arrows and a quiver stolen from his car in Concord this past Sunday night. The bow was an oak self-bow in a black cotton bow sock with draw string closure. The quiver was a mailing tube painted grass green with brown leather trim on top and bottom and brown leather strap. There were about 16 arrows. Made by 3 Rivers Archery, 125 Grain 11/32" points, walnut stained shafts with a few cresting lines. White cock feathers and some with red or orange or yellow hen feathers.

If you see anything like the above on e-bay or Craig's list please let me know.


Iosef Braun