My-Space forum for SCA Newcomers

Shara of Starwood has created a My-Space forum to help newcomers adjust to life in the SCA. SCA Big Brothers / Big Sisters for Newcomers is a "place to discuss anything pertaining to the SCA."

On the website, Shara writes:

I am Shara of Starwood,...aka Lady Asa of the Wood,.....a Norse-Celtic woodcarver living and working on Fishamble street in 10/11th century Dubhlinn. My mate is Hastar the Silent,...a Norse Blacksmith and fighter,... We have been in the Sca since 1976 and 1982 (I'm the latter) That gives us a combined total of 58 years of Sca experience. (But we were 'new' once,....and still remember,...)

other places for SCA newcomers

There is a newcomer forum on LiveJournal as well.

I am a member of this community, and although the traffic is on the light side, all community members are welcome to reply when a query is posted, and some of the discussions have been quite enlightening. My favorite was the one about shoes!

- Lilie Dubh inghean ui Mordha

Added link for this forum

I've also added a permanent link to this forum in's newcomers information section.


Other newcomer resources

In addition to Lady Shara's forum, other resources of interest might include:'s newcomer information topic lists articles, events, and weblinks from our web site that are focused on newcomers.
The official newcomers section from the SCA corporate web site.
Unofficial but very active email discussion list for newcomers on Yahoo.'s Justinos Tekton is one of the co-moderators.

There are lots of excellent resources out there. Welcome to the SCA!