Mongolia-focused SCA group gains international attention

In New York, computer professional Luigi Kapaj has created the Silver Horde, a reenactment group focused on Mongolian culture within the SCA. The UB Post, an English-language newspaper in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, recently published a feature-length article about the group.

Known medievally as Onggulig Ordu, the Silver Horde is a small household, but they aspire to high levels of authenticity in their re-creation of Mongol culture. Members have gone so far as to import authentic gers (yurts), bows, and other items. Kapaj has created a small business catering to the needs of the Silver Horde and other Mongol reenactment groups.

Kapaj, known in the SCA as Gülügjab Tangghudai and nicknamed "Puppy", has held a long-time interest in Mongol culture and history, and in 2005 traveled there to do first-hand research and to participate in the annual Naadam festival, or eriyn gurvan naadam, which features horse racing, archery, and wrestling. He trained in archery under two mergen, Mongolian female archery champions.

Some members of the Silver Horde are fluent in classical Mongolian written script as well, and they have created beautiful Mongolian-style scrolls for SCA awards given to members of the household. Members strive to share their knowledge with other SCA folk as well as hosting an annual demo event, the Warriors' Naadam, in New York.

Kapaj is also interested in role-play gaming (RPG) and has recently published "YASA: The Law of the Steppe", an RPG supplement book with an adventure module set in Mongolia.

Editor's note: Lord Godfrey (mka Jeff Martin) contributed the URL link to the UB Post story. Justin wrote this article from that link and other online sources.