[WES] Crosston Dance Ball

Join Crosston for a day of medieval and renaissance dance with live musicians. Dance classes from 12-4 PM. Dinner sideboard (donations accepted) from 4-5:30 PM. For details on the dinner or dessert sideboard, please see below.

Site Location
Los Gatos History Club
123 Los Gatos Blvd.
Los Gatos CA

Site Details
Hall open 11:30am-10:30pm.

It has a lovely wooden floor, so please wear shoes with non-marking soles.

Parking is very limited, so please carpool. There are 14 spaces in the lot, 8 in front of the hall, and the rest is neighborhood street parking. Please be kind to the neighbors.

This is a DRY site. That means NO alcohol.

Smoking is permitted in the garden ONLY, but NOT under the porch roof.

A large ladies' changing room is available for those who wish to put on fancier dress for the ball. There is a small changing room for the gentlemen. There are two large coat racks.

Site Fee
Donation only

Event Autocrat
Crystal of the Westermark
E-mail: xtalrock (at) yahoo (dot) com

Dinner Sideboard: 4-5:30 PM
Dinner is a group effort organized by Vittoria Aureli. Most dishes will be from Italian-influenced English cookbooks from the late 16th century. If you would like to contribute to the effort, please contact Vittoria Aureli: E-mail: phoenissa (at) gmail (dot) com

This is a dry site. Please feel free to bring any non-alcoholic beverages you wish. Water and some other beverages will be provided. If you do not wish to participate in the sideboard dinner, there are nearby restaurants, or feel free to bring your own picnic to eat in the hall or on the lawn.

The dinner tables will be ruthlessly struck no later than 5:45 so the dancing may begin at promptly at 6 PM. Dessert Sideboard: 6-10 PM

The dessert sideboard will be available during the ball, 6-10 pm. If you would like to contribute sweet or savory finger foods to the dessert sideboard, please contact Vittoria Aureli.

Dance Ball: 6-10 pm.
These dances are taught on Wednesday at the Crosston dance practice, see http://westdance.org/ or join http://groups.yahoo.com/group/SCA-Xton/ for details. Some will also be taught at West Kingdom Twelfth Night.

  • Amoroso
  • Bizzaria d'Amore
  • Black Alman
  • Black Nag
  • Boateman
  • Contentezza d'Amore
  • Contrapasso
  • Cuckolds all in a Row
  • Dolce Amoroso Fuoco
  • Franciose Nouvelle
  • Furioso all'Italiana
  • Galliard
  • Gathering Peascods
  • Geloxia
  • Gracca Amoroso
  • Grimstock
  • Horses Bransle
  • Il Bianco Fiore
  • Lauro
  • Montarde Bransle
  • Pavan and Galliard
  • Petit Riens
  • Queen's Alman
  • Rostibolli Gioioso
  • Rufty Tufty
  • Villanella

The order of dances will be posted in the hall before the ball.

Cleanup: 10-11 pm

See the Los Gatos History Club website directions: http://www.losgatoshistoryclub.com/map.html

Use your favorite mapping program to: 123 Los Gatos Blvd. Los Gatos, CA

From Hwy 17: Take exit #20A/EAST LOS GATOS west onto LOS GATOS SARATOGA RD (CA-9) - go 0.5 mi. Turn RIGHT on LOS GATOS BLVD - go 0.2 mi. Arrive at 123 LOS GATOS BLVD, LOS GATOS, on the RIGHT. Parking is very limited, so please carpool to save gas and space!

http://home.earthlink.net/~al-qurtubiyya/2009CrosstonBall.html Location:
Crosston Arms (Los Gatos California)