Combatants announced for Atlantia Crown Tourney

Baroness Bianca has announced the list of Combatants and their Consorts for the upcoming Crown Tournament in the Kingdom of Atlantia.

Her Excellency writes:

For those that may be's the list of combatants fighting in their Crown List:
  • Duke Ragnarr Blackhammer for Countess Anneke Raudhe
  • Baron Achbar Ibn Ali for Baroness Gracia Esperanca de Sevilla
  • Baron Mungoe McKlinchey for Baroness Siobhan McKlinchey
  • Sir Vladimir Aleksandrov for Lady Kalisa Aleksandrovna
  • Baron Raven MacGregor for Avelyn MacGregor
  • Sir Theron Andronikos for Lady Kaolin In Oarga
  • Lord Christian Thomas of York for Baroness Bessenyei Rozsa
  • Duke Logan Ebonwoulfe for Lady Esa Kirkepatrike
  • Lord Michael O'Comhdhain for Krystyne McGowan of Rose Hille
  • Lord Mathew of Battle for Kristina of York
  • Sir Daemon Broussard for Mistress Emma of Elandonan
  • Baron Askold Grimr Brotamaor for Duchess Isabel Grimault


In Service,
Baroness Bianca