Lions Road podcast features founders

Please pardon the shameless plug, but we had so much fun doing this that we had to share! founders THL Milica of Varna and Maistor Justinos Tekton were interviewed last week for the Lions Road weekly SCA podcast.

Tryygvy Landstaker, host of the weekly Lions Road SCA podcast, spent about half an hour interviewing "yours truly" about, including some little-known trivia from our early history.

Others may do things like this all the time, but for the two of us this was an exciting adventure, and we were honored that Lions Road invited us to be on their show. We had a lot of fun with the interview, and we hope's readers enjoy listening, and that you take this as an opportunity to check out Lions Road for yourself. It's a quite enjoyable weekly podcast, with a lot of interesting historical facts embedded into an entertaining, conversational format.