Italian SCA Group Featured on AFN

AFN: Campofiamme, the SCA stronghold in Naples, Italy, is featured on the Armed Forces Network website. Elle Toril, Seneschal of Campofiamme, the SCA Stronghold in Naples, Italy, has announced that a snippet featuring the group is featured on AFN's "Eye on the Med" page. The spot covers their recent Revels II event.


Where are all the Heavy fighters or for that matter true light fighters? I can understand that most small groups arn't going to have many. But even here Guam we have 7 fighters. And this is a 30 by 15 mile island... Just a thought

Are we 'sure' this is the SCA?

In the sense that I agree with the 'Ummmm' poster.

A) They are doing boffer combat. B) The rapier fighters look to be using some odd rapiers (the blades do not look metal) C) The archer is using a sight, which is forbidden in SCA target archery