"Forbidden Pennsic" DVD and CD now available

The production DVD and the soundtrack CD are now available for the Known World Players' premier of Forbidden Pennsic, performed at Pennsic 37. Lord Abel Frölicher has a brief review of the newly-released DVD.

Lord Abel writes:

The first pleasant surprise upon opening the DVD was a very professionally bound insert containing all the filked lyrics. In addition there are little anecdotes about how the show came together.

As for the show itself; the production quality alone is worth the $5. I heard every voice and there were many juicy close-ups when necessary. The show tells the tale of a Lady Mina De'Lis as "Kathy"; a long time veteran of the War. Newbie boyfriend Mike was played to the hilt by Thegn Oeric Lestrange. She and others explain in both dialogue and song the various (and sundry) tenets of the War. It's good, clean family fun throughout; yet with several plot points and lyrics that will also appeal to the elder kin.

After watching this you will be utterly amazed at how well the songs, plot and dialogue flowed together.

It warms my bardic cockles to be in the same community that produced this fine bit of entertainment.

The DVD and CD are available for purchase at the "original article" link below.

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Review published here with kind permission of the author.