[ATL] de Montfort Open Barn

Atlantian Cavalry Workshop: Opportunities to learn more about horses and equipment used in several mounted games. Please wear comfortable jeans and closed toe shoes (tennis shoes are fine) if you plan on being around the horses. No fee for use of horse(s) during this time. There will be 7 horses available. Complimentary overnight stalls available if hauling.

de Montfort Open Barn
5001 Fontanelle Lane
Effingham, SC (10 miles from Florence)

Saturday Nov. 1, 2008 2pm-5pm

There is plenty of space if any heavy fighters would like to get together during this time. We really need our horses to become more accustomed to the sights and sounds of all the armor.

Best route to Florence SC Hwy 51 Pamplico Hwy towards Pamplico (same road as Carolinas Hospital) 4 miles past Greenwood Elementary turn right unto Willowcreek Road. 2 miles turn right unto Fontanelle Lane Looking forward to seeing everyone,
Eleanor de Montfort

We also will be offering private lessons (beginner & intermediate equitation-Taren Semiklose.,advanced equitation & lower level dressage- Karen Finch) earlier in the day for $30.00/hr. Horse training sessions (your horse) available with John Vause. Please RSVP to schedule a time. Location:
Effingham, South Carolina