[NOR] Project Day

Border Downs Project Day: Norse Poetry and Prose Edition

WHO: You! Me! Them! Everyone!
WHAT: Project Day, with a focus on norse poetry and prose
WHERE: Augustana College, Sioux Falls, SD

Take your best route to the section of South Grange Ave that sits between 26th and 33rd streets. Look for the SCA sign. There will be a big parking lot, so park there, then head into the building with the bright blue on the front. That is the Commons. Once you are inside the Commons, head to the right, past the mailboxes. When you reach the end of the mail boxes, take a left down that hallway and you will be on site! Look for the SCA signs once you have hit the right area of Grange.

WHEN: Saturday October 25th 2008 from 12pm-8:30pm
WHY: The purpose of this project day is to encourage people to participate in the arts and sciences.
HOW: There will be two workshops, one focusing on eddas (taught by Master Ingus Moen) and one focusing on norse poetry verse forms (taught by Katerinka Lvovicha, with possible special guests). After dinner, there will be a bardic workshop where people can practice their performances with a receptive and helpful crowd. The workshop is designed to assist performers with refining their delivery.

Of course, this event is not exclusively bardic. We encourage you to bring whatever you are working on, be it sewing, knitting, weaving, leather tooling, or any other neat projects. We also encourage mini-classes, so bring extra supplies if you feel like teaching someone else how to do that really awesome naalbinding stitch. The only catches are: NO FIRE and NO ALCOHOL.

Stuff You Should Know:

  • Master Ingus will be there and he will teach you stuff. He is pretty spiffy.
  • We have an awesome space lined up and there is no site fee.
  • One of the conditions of the space is that we are not allowed to bring outside food in. There are several eating establishments relatively near-by and we may decide to wander off around dinner time.
  • This site is bone dry. Augustana is a dry campus, so please respect the rules of our host.
  • The site IS handicap accessible.
  • Garb is not required for this event. You are free to wear it if you wish, but the event steward will be in jeans and a t-shirt.
  • Old-school SCA crash space can be arranged, but you must contact me ahead of time. There are lots of hotels in the area also.
  • There is space for fighting instruction. There is not room for all-out brawls, but there is enough room for small instruction sessions. The ceilings are even high enough for polearms and great weapons, as long as they are used with care.

(Please note changes from the previous schedule)
12:00 Site Opens
12:30 :: 2:00 Eddas, taught by Ingus
2:30 :: 4:00 Norse Verse, taught by Kat et al.
4:15 :: 5:00 A&S 50 meet-up and info session
5:00 :: 6:00 Dinner (see above)
6:00 :: 8:30 bardic workshop
9:00 site closes

If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to contact me at zarhooie@zarhooie.com :)

In service,
Katerinka Lvovicha
Moot Steward

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Shire of Border Downs (Sioux Falls, South Dakota)