[MER] December War Practice

The Meridian Foreign Legion, in cooperation with the Emerald Coast Company and the Shires of Eagle, Talmere and Thorngill, present: December War Practice.

Saturday December 13, 2008

Kiesel Park - 520 Chadwick Lane - Auburn, Alabama
10 a.m. CST - until

This is a one-day war practice to be held at Kiesel City Park in Auburn, Alabama. We invite any and all heavy fighters and combat archers to come out for a pre-holiday heavy-combat war exercise. Gulf Wars is just around the corner!

Fighting agenda will cover:

  • Open field maneuvers
  • Bridge battle tactics
  • Shield walls - forming and holding them
  • Charging/breaking a line
  • Combat archery will be allowed in some battles
  • Heavy and combat archery authorizations will be available.

General Info:
This is a free SCA activity and open to anyone who wishes to attend. We will be in the presence of regular park attendees, so although suggested, garb is optional. Please feel free to bring pavilions, banners, and chairs. Waterbearing services will be on site, as well as convenient bathrooms. Those interested in helping with waterbearing, please contact THL Murghien.

A post-practice dinner will be available free-of-charge to all who attend - a gourmet chili bar with something for everyone! We plan to present 3 different chilis, complete with crackers, drinks and a dessert bar. More details later! Lady Bianca will be in charge of the field kitchen. Please bring the kids! We'll have ladies on hand to oversee your children as you fight or visit with friends. M'lady Robin of Iron Mountain is who to contact if you want to help watch over the kids.

Pets are allowed in the park, but must be on a leash. The park features an 'off leash' area - rules for this can be found on the Kiesel Park website. Knight Marshals to be present:

Shire Eagle - THL Aylwin Watkins (heavy, combat archery)
Shire of Thorngill - Lord Alexander Schaw (heavy)
Shire of Talmere - THL Kynwric Gwent (heavy, youth combat)

Meridian Army Command to be present:
Baron Edward of Yarbrough

Have questions? Please contact THL Aylwin at watkijm@auburn.edu or THL Kynwric at lordkynwric@gmail.com Location:
Meridian Foreign Legion (Auburn, Alabama)