Marcus and Cecilia Heirs to the throne of Drachenwald

Earl Marcus Eisenwald, inspired to valor by Lady Cecilia Jaeger, claimed victory in the Drachenwald Crown Tournament, which was fought in the morning the 18th of October, in the Barony of Aarnimetsä.

The eight combatants met in a round-robin where each bout was fought best two of three. After the seven rounds, two of the competitors for the Crown had qualified for the final: Earl Marcus Eisenwald fighting for Lady Cecilia Jaeger, and Baron Vitus Polonius fighting for Meisterinne Eleonora von Ratzeburg.

By His Majesty Thorvaldr's request, the final had a special format. In the first bout the finalist with the lowest rank in the Kingdom OP would choose the weapons, while in the second the finalist with the highest rank in the OP would choose the weapons. If there was a need for a third bout, the weapons would be chosen at the discretion of Their Majesties. The weapons from which the finalists could choose were sword and shield, two handed weapon, or two weapons.

Baron Vitus Polonius chose sword and shield for the first bout. After the three fights were fought, Earl Marcus stood victorious of the first round. Earl Marcus requested time to consult his Lady before making his choice of weapon. He announced that his choice was two weapons. After two fights Baron Vitus Polonius fell to his knees and acknowledged Earl Marcus as the rightful Heir to the throne.

A few pictures from the event can be seen in the "original article" link below.