EIkBrandr and Runa take their place as Midrealm heirs

Syr EikBrandr Solgyafi Naeturaudi and Baroness Runa Eikbrandswif ascended to Crown Prince and Princess of the Middle Kingdom Saturday after Syr EikBrandr won the Midrealm's fall Crown Tournament in the Barony of Flaming Gryphon.

Syr EikBrandr, also known as Sir Theodric von Rostock, was one of 25 gentles competing in the crown tournament of TRM Ullr and Annelyse. Syr EikBrandr, a native of the Barony of Cleftlands, is the General of the Midrealm Army.

Per Midrealm tradition, the tournament was a double-elimination affair, but HRM Ullr also decreed that each bout would be best-of-three fights with no repeating weapons allowed in a bout.

Cleftlands dominated the proceedings; three Cleftlanders were among the final six warriors in the tournament. In the losers' bracket semifinals, Captain Arch Teryx defeated Sir Radagasus Vidigoia Balthi 2-1, and Sir Logan MacCoinnich of Kintail bested Ser Nikolas Grigorevich Petrov 2-1.

In the semifinals, Syr EikBrandr bested Captain Arch 2-0, while Duke Edmund of Hertford defeated Sir Logan 2-0. Duke Edmund met Syr EikBrandr in the finals, seeking a fifth reign on the Dragon Throne with his consort Duchess Kateryn Bronwyn of Gloucester.

All three fights in the final match ended up being contested with sword and shield. Syr EikBrandr won the first with a face thrust, while Duke Edmund won the second by legging EikBrandr and then smashing him at close quarter.

With the crown on the line, Syr EikBrandr felled Duke Edmund with a well-placed face thrust, setting off cheers from the assembled populace. Syr EikBrandr let out a cheer of joy after the win and was congratulated by many on earning his and Runa's first reign.


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