Talking SCA Barbie

The scamps at the Socially Challenged Adults Tribe on have re-posted the updated, and marvelously catty, "Talking SCA Barbie" parody which finds the beloved doll taking to medieval re-creation with a wench costume, foxtail and scruffy Ken by her side.

And she talks too! From the website:

And here's what she says!
  • "Hello, Sir Knight (giggle)"
  • "I don't like her, she's mean."
  • "Fighters smell bad."
  • "I want to be Queen."
  • "Research is hard."
  • "I'll find someone to carry that, Your Majesty."
  • "It's period...I saw it in a movie."
  • "Courts are boring."
  • "It's all about the Dream!"
  • "There's nothing to DO!"

Publisher's note: We've actually covered another version of this previously, but this one isn't the same. Use the search box to look for "Barbie" if you're interested in the previous iterations of this parody. --Justin