18 to vie for Crown of Gleann Abhann

Their Majesties Havordh and Mary-Grace of the Kingdom of Gleann Abhann have announced the list of Combatants and their Consorts for Their upcoming Crown Tournament to take place November 8, 2008 in teh Barony of Small Gray Bear.

Their Majesties write:

Greetings All!

It is with great joy that we give you the Combatants and Consorts who will be participating in Our Crown List. We are well pleased to know that the Kingdom's succession will soon be secured by one of the couples on this list.

We hope that many of you can join Us at this most glorious event!

  • Count Wrenherus Rudemann for Countess Lailiane Asenina
  • Viscount Rey Ribeaumont for Viscountess Miriel du Bois
  • Viscount Caellin Mac Leoid for Viscountess Danielle de la Roche
  • Sir Loric Silvestris for Mistress Diana of the Isles
  • Sir Rashid ibn Hilal for Baroness Genevote Villeneuve de la Fleche
  • THL Cathoir O'Duhin for Mistress Julian Ferch Rhys
  • Master Stephan of Durham for THL Ariadne de Ravenna
  • Sir Uric Blackoak for THL Margot du Bois
  • Sir Ashikaga Hirimoto for THL Ashikaga Kimiko
  • THL Martin von Ausburg for THL Gwyneth Caerr
  • Lord Blaec le Dering for THL Ambrielle Llewellyn
  • THL John of Widcombe for Baroness Anna Genvieve of Ancyra
  • THL Caedmon of Jorvik for Lady Alana Fhionn
  • THL James the holy for Lady Joan of Ook
  • THL Mika'il al Rashid for Lady Giovanna Corleone
  • Baron Grimbaldus Bacon for Baroness Bethany Bacon
  • Lord William of Glen Lyon for Lady Marisa Symmes of Berewyk
  • Lord Henry of Chipenham for Lady Dominca Macquerelle

If you think that your name should be on this list and you do not see it and/or you have not gotten a confirmation from Us, please contact Us ASAP!