[ANT] Yule Feast 2008

The Barony of Glymm Mere and her most generous Baron Godric ap Rhys and ever lovely Baroness Kara of St. Davids invite one and all to join us for Yule Feast 2008.

Come and share in the bounty, beauty and revelry of the season. There will be various types of activities for the young and the young at heart, fighters and artisans of all types. Yule is also a great time to catch up with those you have not seen in a while and regale all with stories of this year’s wars and tournaments.

Lord Volk the Grey and his kitchen “urchins” are preparing a bountiful feast which will be served family style in three courses.

Course One: Gourd Soup, Assorted Breads and Cheeses, Garlic Mushrooms

Course Two: Rosemary Game Hen, Olive Oil and Herbed Roast Beef, Cranberry Stuffing, Green Beans

Course Three: Figgy Pudding, Apple Tarts, Gingerbread

There will be a few interesting heavy fighting scenarios and Lord Thorbjorn Askni is making sure likewise for the rapier fighters. We will have challenging games available and our Pied Piper Gwen will have fun and creative children’s activities. Lord Wilfred Josefson will be calling all artisans, adults and children, to display their projects and show the great works of Glymm Mere. HL Francisca de Montoya is coordinating three contests for Yule. The first contest is a warm drink competition (alcoholic or non), the second is a fudge contest and the third is a dessert competition.

Mark your calendars for December 6th 2008! We will be celebrating Yule from noon until 11 pm at Heritage Hall on the Thurston County Fairgrounds.

Site Info:
Name: Heritage Hall: Thurston County Fairgrounds
3054 Carpenter Rd. SE
Lacey, WA 98503

Pre-registration is available at
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Kolfinna Vallagyoja
Yule Feast Autocrat Location:
Barony of Glymm Mere (Lacey, Washington)