[ANT] Toys-For-Tots Tournament

The Honorable Barony of Dragon's Laire sends greetings and due commendations to all of An Tir, and especially to the Baronies and Principalities whom we greet with a challenge. That is correct. The Gauntlet has been thrown and you have all, all citizens, noble and commoner alike, been challenged to come and show your mettle in our first annual Toys for Tots Tournament November 22nd at Manchester State Park.

There will be a prize tournament for both Heavy and Rapier as well as additional scenarios, a contest for best winter garb, samplings of food from the culinary guild and plenty of space and a beautiful site to enjoy an autumn day that is destined to be filled with acts of honour and chivalry on the field and beauty and courtesy off the field. Now back to the challenge. Entry to the event will be a new unwrapped toy to donate to the Marine corps and their annual toys for tots drive, but you can donate as many as you wish and a tally will be kept as to which shire, barony or principality donates the most toys and will be forever known for their generosity, honour and spirit. The site is Manchester State Park in Manchester Washington. Lists will open at 10:00am. It is an old Torpedo Warehouse that is covered but open and even though there will be fires inside to warm body and spirit all participants should come prepared for the weather. There are braziers available on site but you should be prepared to bring your own food. Come one come all, show your skill of combat, your art of needle and generosity of spirit.

Autocrat: HL Conchobar Mac Eoin (conchobarmaceoin@gmail.com)

WHAT: Barony of Dragon's Laire's Toys-For-Tots Tournament

WHEN: November 22nd. Gate opens at 9:30AM. Lists open at 10:00AM. Site closes at 9:00PM

WHERE: Manchester State Park, Torpedo Warehouse; Hilldale Rd.; Manchester, WA. See map and pictures here, http://www.unearthedoutdoors.net/parks/41167 Location:
Barony of Dragon's Laire (Manchester, Washington)