Shava reports on Northshield's Fall 2008 Crown Tourney

Viscountess Elashava bas Riva shares her thoughts and photos on the Crown Tournament in the Shire of Midewinde in the Kingdom of Northshield.

Shava writes:

The Shire of Midewinde did a wonderful job hosting the 10th Crown Tournament of Northshield this weekend and it was well worth the trip. It was a wonderful tournament filled with many moments that will live in the memories of those that were there to bear witness to our traditional choosing of the heirs to our fair Kingdom. 12 fighters, each fighting for the honour of a man or woman who inspired them, came together to affirm what we are all about. I love seeing the smiles on the faces of the fighters when they come off the list after a great fight.

The final four were Cyveiliog McKinley, Vladimir Radescu, Stephen du Bois and Leif Haakonson (who had gone undefeated for the entire day) and ended with Stephen face-to-face with Leif for the crown. All deaths were forgiven and Stephen proved himself victorious over Leif. The future of Northshield is secure.

After a couple of hours for pickup fighting for those that had armour there or meetings for Their Majesties or just sitting around catching up with friends, both new and old, before evening court. Honours to a number of folks from Midewinde (and I'll let Astrid post the court report so I don't forget any) and a presentation from a fundraiser by the Shire of Korsvag and a lovely and fun gift to HRM AEsa of new garb (with wool spun and woven by Elizabeth of Bright Sands) filled the court. The feast that evening brought forth the fruits of the labours of the Shire including many vegetable dishes from the Shire gardens (that even included the wheat that was grown to make the flour for the bread), 3 kinds of meat, and a tasty apple tart to cap off the meal.

A number of us took the train out west and all agreed it was a great way to travel. We were even able to post-revel and sing on the way home. So, although it felt like we had daytripped the event, it was a wonderful way to get out there and home again.

I trusted Lady Bridget from Darkstone with my camera for most of the day since I have trouble taking pictures when I'm being fought for and I thank her for doing it. I have posted the pictures that were taken by my camera, either by me or by Bridget. They can be viewed by clicking on "original article" below.


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