[WES] Fall Baronial Coronet Tourney of the Far West

After some false starts, the new NEW date for the Fall Coronet Tourney of the Far West has been set. November 16, 2008.

When: Baronial Coronet tourney will be held on Sunday the 16th of November, 2008.
Who: Vale de Draco will host. The Baroness and Baron of the Far West Katherine and Noe will autocrat.
Where: The site will be in central Tokyo, at Tintagel, near Mejiro station. Directions are below.

Tentative schedule.
10:00 am, site opens.
12:00 Final court of Katherine and Noe
1:00 pm, Baronial Tourney begins. Pick-up fights before and after till people are happy.
4:00 pm - Transfer of coronets, court of new Baron and Baroness
5:00 - Dinner
After dinner - bardic/dance.

Optional elements - please comment if you want anything else:
For example:

  • Run a class of arts and sciences in the afternoon
  • If we have at least two entrants, we can have the A and S championship.

Directions: This is a link to Tintagel's webpage. There are two little flags on the right to choose your language. The map page has a street map, and a walking video of how to find it. Very useful. By train you find your way to Mejiro station.

WANTED - brave fighers who wish to hold Japan, Korea, Guam and Okinawa in their unyielding fist.

ENTRANTS TO THE TOURNEY; We need your mundane information (name, e-mail,) your SCA name and number. You must also have a consort, the person you fight for. We also need that person"s information. By SCA rules and regs, you MUST be a registered member of the SCA to become Palatine Baron/ess. Please send us your written desire to attempt the coronet of the Far West, to either the Seneschal, or myself at this mail address (friarjakNOSPAM@yahoo.com, fwcoronetNOSPAM@yahoo.com - remove the NOSPAM)

Wanted: A person to help arrange the feast!

Palatine Baroness, Far West Location:
Vale de Draco (Tokyo, Japan)