Boudica Comes to PBS

PBS's Masterpiece Theatre series will present "Warrior Queen," the story of the tribal queen in first century Britain, on October 12, 2003. Masterpiece Theatre ventures far from its cozy British drawing room productions with this presentation of the story of Boudica, the Queen of the Iceni tribe in East Anglia who defied the might of the Roman Empire. About the real warrior queen, historian Tacitus wrote:

"The whole nation took up arms, under the command of Boudica, a woman of royal blood... and after pursuing the soldiers scattered among the Roman forts and capturing the garrisons, they invaded the colony [Colchester] itself, as the local center of servitude; no sort of barbarian cruelty was overlooked in the hour of victory and vengeance."

The program will air October 12, 2003 on PBS stations.