[ANT] Harvest Celebration VII

Come and celebrate with the Shire of Ambergard as we rejoice at our bountiful harvest and to honor King Owain and Queen Wrenn the rightful rulers of the greatest kingdom in the knowne world, An Tir.

The Ambergard Culinary Guild will as always prepare a sumptuous feast to show our bounty. We are looking for minstrels, story tellers and such to entertain and amaze us.

The site is the Ephrata Recreation Center located at 112 Basin Street, Ephrata, WA. The site will open at 3 pm and close at midnight. Serving will begin at 6:30 (tentatively).

To assist our kitchen and troll, please let us know you will be attending and how many. Email the Autocrat, HL Triona de Mere triona_sca@yahoo.com

The site is the Ephrata Recreational Center, 112 Basin Street SW. Take your best route to Ephrata, WA, look for the signage; the site is on the main street through downtown. This is the same site we used last year.

Lodging is available here for all travelers from afar. Adults $12.00, Youth (7-15) $8.00, Children FREE, Nonmember surcharge of $3.00 will be enforced. Checks payable to Shire of Ambergard, SCA, Inc.

http://www.ambergard.org/ Location:
Shire of Ambergard (Ephrata, Washington)