[OUT] al-Barran Toys for Tots

It is that time of year once again that we all come together and help those who inspire us the most, the children.

Greetings Generous Outlanders, Their Excellencies of al-Barran Sir Gregor and Lady Monika and me, Lord Chagatai, wish all to come to this glorious event and support a wonderful cause. We continue to support our Mighty King and his challenge to the Known world, so al-Barran will be glorious in the hearts of children again this festive season and will show the known world our grand generosity. We will hold our traditional tournaments for our Toys for Tots champion both heavy and light. HRM Boselav is our current Heavy weapons T4T Champion and Don Govanen is our current light weapons T4Tchampion. We look forward to a wonderful day filled with generosity and fun. We have a most wonderful Prize table in the planning by Mistress Genevre. There will be high quality prizes for all who fight and help with this event, your generosity will be rewarded beyond anything you have witnessed before!

Please also join us for a donation lunch provided by the wonderful talent of Cerydwen de Gyrlyngton. We also like to have a desert competition, so bring out your best deserts!!

Entrance to Tourneys and Site is a New Unwrapped Toy

If making Donations of Cash for purchase of toys, please make checks payable to SCA Inc-Al-Barran

Site is DRY

Directions to Bataan Memorial Park: Take your best route to I-40 and Carlisle Blvd, Go south on Carlisle until you reach Lomas Blvd. Turn Right on Lomas and the park with be on your Right hand side right after the Walgreens

Autocrat: Chagatai Burilgi

Co-autocrat: Sayidda Rashida bint Rashid
sayiddarashida@gmail.com Location:
Barony of Al-Barran (Albuquerque, New Mexico)