Re-enactor photo used to make point in Brisbane Times

A photo of armored combat was used in the October 10 online edition of the Brisbane (Australia) Times to make a legal point. According to the lead line in the article, "Queenslanders can now challenge one another to duels but face jail for leaving their children unsupervised."

Apparently laws regarding duels have been repealed, while new laws regarding child safety have been passed. Attorney-General Kerry Shine said, "There were some obvious areas that needed to be refocused - obsolete provisions such as the offence of challenging a person to a duel - which have been repealed. But the amendments also introduce new offences into the code, one specifically aimed at parents and carers who leave their children unsupervised for an unreasonable period."

Somhairle Mac Nicail reports that the fighters in the photo are Guy de la Riviere and Lachlan de Hameldone. He writes:

The combatant on the left is Guy de la Riviere (from Radburne) and the one on the right is Lachlan de Hameldone (from Rowany). The photo was taken at Radburne War I last year. It was the same photo used in a Sun-Herald article about the SCA. The original article - albeit with a different photo - is still online at: