[GLE] Slay The Dragon

The Shire of Vogelburg would like to invite you to . . .Slay The Dragon Oct 31st-Nov 2ndKiwanis Camp Tioga, La

Join Us For:

  • Children's Activities
  • Candle Light Adventure Bocce
  • A&S Open Bardic Competitions
  • Open Populace Vote A&S Competition Dragon Theme

Reservations: Before October 1 $18
After October 1 $20.
Tenting deduct $5
Daytip $15
$3 non member fee.

Send Reservations to
Meadhbh of the Galloglach BJ Day
beejsday@yahoo. com

Autocrat Ld. Kageru Meleefish@yahoo. com Feastocrat Ld. Iago de Lemois Iagodelemois@ yahoo.com

Fighting: Dragon Melee, Tournament of Champions List, Combat Archery, Children's Tourney Location:
Shire of Vogelburg (Camp Tioga, Louisiana)