[ANS] Seawinds Defender XIII

The Shire of Seawinds sends fair greetings to our friends, far and near. May your harvest be bountiful and your hearts be light, for soon the long nights will come. Dark foes, our ancient enemies, are rising against us, intent to do us harm. it is because of this that we are asking you brave warriors of Ansteorra to stand forth and answer the call to arms! We beseech you to join us in defending our beloved Shire. But we warn you, if you be faint of heart or not of sound mind, you may not survive the horrors that await you.

Glory awaits those who take up this challenge. The most notable of chefs will present the most tempting of feasts. The finest artisans will create masterpieces. The Bards and Musicians will sing of glory and fame. Word of all these great deeds will spread, beyond the humble boarders of out the shire, to the furthest reaches of our mighty kingdom! Like so many who have gone before you, much more greatness will await you!

The only question is~ Will you dare?


October 24th-26th

New to Seawinds defender:
The Most Dreaded Two-Headed Giant By
A new location in Golliad
A new Defender-The Gustatory Defender: Defender of Good Taste and the Battle of the Pasties
A Masked Samhain Feast
And Much Much More!!!!

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