[AET] Amethyst Invitational Tourney

As it once was, so it shall be again. Once there were Glorious Tournaments whereupon one and all gathered and took witness of the sword clash upon a noble list. It is in that spirit that we wish to make known of a great Emprise where all fighters and non fighters may pay witness to the great acts of prowess and renown.

It is upon the first day of November in the borders of the Debatable Lands in our Glorious Kingdom of Aethelmearc that the Amethyst Invitational Tourney will have a call to arms to all Knights, Esquires, and gallant men and women of arms throughout the Kingdom to perform chivalrous deeds of prowess and courtesy.

Throughout the year a hawks eye has been sent to distribute to those showing such deeds a docket to 32 good gentles to assemble on this day to compete in a grand tourney patterned after the great tourney of renown of the 15th century. Upon this day bearers of these dockets shall present themselves to the master of the lists and place their helm upon the rail for inspection and inclusion. We would make the call to warriors and gentle-folk alike, all are most welcome and encouraged to attend and share in the majesty.

Also that we would add that it is meet and right that should you see acts of renown that so move your spirit that they be rewarded with tokens of esteem. With that being said we encourage the populace to bring some manner of object or item to bestow these honors and thanks to worthy deeds witnessed. Display is the order of the day. Bring your banners, standards, and the like to be added to the atmosphere of the day. Come out one and all to cheer on these fighters who worked so hard to earn their entrance upon the Rolls of Honor this day.

All gentles under 18 are free.Reservations may be made to Renata L'Rouge at ladtren@gmail.com

The Autocrat is Duke Malcolm, and he can be reached at syrmalcolm@comcast.net.

More info on the day can be viewed at www.clanoldcastle.com/amethyst.htm including the current list of known Entrants. Location:
Barony of the Debatable Lands (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)